Bloynx athletes hit CrossFit Games Open Workout 13.3!

Rocketing up the Rankings


Noah Pester pushed through an immense 288 repetitions of Wall Balls, Double Unders and Muscle Ups rocketing to the top of Team Bloynx for ******** Games Workout 13.3. The ******** Marysville product now moves inside the Top Ten into 9th place in North West Region looking to rival his past efforts and compete in the 2013 ******** Games.  Showing no signs of slowing down, Jenn Jones continues to lead the way with another stand out performance achieving 264 reps. Jones now sits 1st in her South Central Region and 9th on the worldwide leaderboard, ahead of seasoned competitors Rebecca Voigt and Annie Thorisdottor. It looks like the time put in at ******** EaDo in Houston, Texas is working wonders for a successful 2013 season.


Here come the Regionals


Backing up his efforts in both 13.1 and 13.2, Bloynx Next Generation (NGE) Team Athlete Josh Page hit a total of 270 reps in 13.3. Looking to consolidate his position on the podium, Page is currently ranked 2nd in North Central Region and 30th overall. The head trainer and owner of Reckless ******** in Plano, Illinois continues to keep 2012 ******** Games Open Champion Dan Bailey at bay who sits two places behind overall. With a great start to the Open, Top Ten contender Page is well on his way to reach his goals with first step to qualify for 2013 Regionals.


Gord “Caveman” Mackinnon of ******** BC showed why he is still number one in the Masters Division, topping his Canada West Region and the worldwide standings, posting a dominant 254 reps. MacKinnon is well on his way to a three-peat, looking to add the 2013 crown to his overflowing trophy cabinet next to his 2011 and 2012 championships.

******** Games athlete Nate Schrader surged up the leaderboard in the Mid Atlantic Region in week three of the ******** Open, posting a score of 267 and now sits 8th. The man from Iron Forged ******** in downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina looks set to back up his 12th place in 2012 and 14th place in 2011 in the ******** games by taking his competitive endeavors to Regionals.


Across the Board

alicia-connors-thumbTwo time ******** Games competitor Alicia Connors looks set to achieve a place at Regionals, amassing a score 257 consolidating her position of 2nd in Canada West Region and an amazing 36th overall. With just two workouts left, Connors is set to do ******** Taranis proud with a place on the podium as she strives for a spot at the 2013 ******** Games in California.


The man from ******** Vise in Iowa, Ricky Frausto proved he could once again throwdown, achieving a total of 250 while Bridget Ahlfield moved up to 23rd in North Central with 253 leading the way for ******** FairField. Blair Morrison of ******** Anywhere built on his first two performances and put in another strong showing of 263 and now sits 25th in the tough Nor Cal Region.




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