Paleo? Zone? what next and why the confusion? #infographic

When I was born my parent's had never eaten a mango and my mum swears there was no such thing as lactose intolerance. Now they search out organic fair trade Keitt mangoes then question whether they are overdoing it with the fructose.


So what happened? When and how did our diet migrate from the simplicity of meat, soup, carrot and potato to the complexities of microwave hot pockets, exotic fruit, almond milk and kale chips?


The below infographic shows how decades of evolution in the grocery industry has resulted in consumer confusion in our shopping, eating and diet trending habits. It was Atkins and low fat yesterday and Paleo and zone today; who knows what scientific discoveries, technological breakthroughs or social trends have in store for us tomorrow. Perhaps its time to go back to the farmers market.



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