The CrossFit Omaha Experiment

At Blonyx we don’t rely on “clever” advertisements and pretty packaging. Unlike other supplement companies out there, we are willing to put our money (products) where our mouth is. We stand behind the fact that our products are clean and they work. That is where the ******** Omaha Experiment comes in - Ricky Frausto, co-owner of ******** Omaha, asked multiple athletes, at random, to take HMB+ Creatine for 30 days and report all gains, taking measurements where they could and to provide feedback on their training.


[caption id="attachment_668" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Ricky Frausto and his son at the "bursting at the seams" CFO location[/caption]


Here is what they had to say:


Blonyx for five weeks:


“I took five grams before working out and five grams in a protein shake afterwards, six days a week for five weeks. I seemed to have more energy. Even though I added practicing and then doing the open WODs, the strength numbers continued to increase.  The accessory work increased also!  Overall I am pleased with the product.”


- Greg


Blonyx for one month:


“I took it consistently for a month. I tracked how I felt on it and any side effects I noticed. It did not seem to mess with my stomach/digestion. I felt like I got stronger while I was taking Blonyx. There were a lot of variables to note: I really tried to clean up my diet while I was on it, I was changing the times and what I ate, I also began to focus more on getting stronger. Despite the changes I would not rule out that it did play a part in me seeing improved results.”


- Michael Rock


Blonyx experience:


“I’ve definitely gotten stronger and I don’t get nearly as sore as I used to get.  I’ve gone up 25+ lbs on shoulder press, back squat, and power clean.”


- Stephen


Blonyx experience:


“I think it is a good product. My recovery was greatly improved, just overall felt better the day after workouts. I did not track my strength numbers but I could tell a difference. I used the last of the product about three weeks ago and my weight (all lifts) and reps have dropped a little. I did notice that I dropped about three to five pounds after I stopped taking it. I'm down to 197 I was around 203.”


- Mike


Blonyx experience:


  • Bench press: 3X5, from 142 lbs. up to 154 lbs. max reps - over 20 reps consistently now at 110 up from 88.
  • Squat clean: One rep max 162 on vs. previous max of 132
  • Deadlift: 1X5, from 242 to 252
  • Back squats are better as well but I don't have any real good comparisons.
  • Able to complete 3-5 consecutive handstand pushups now vs 0 previously.

“I have been going prescribed on more of the metcons and finishing in the top half of class instead of the bottom.”


- Mr. Brown


Blonyx experience:


“Overall I thought it worked really well. I've always felt that deep muscle "burn" (lactic acid, muscle fatigue, whatever it is), esp on long, moderate to heavy workouts. Using the Blonyx I didn't seem to notice as much of a burn. It was still there, but not as bad. I also seemed to have a little more energy during my workouts. I think I did the best when on it when I take one dose an hour or so before my workout (mixed with water only) and then a second dose immediately after my workout (mixed with 10-12 oz of chocolate milk and a scoop of whey protein powder). My biggest PR came in the squat clean. My PR has been stuck at 191 lbs. for well over a year.  At the end of my first week on Blonyx I hit 198 lbs. and it felt solid. I would certainly use this stuff again and recommend others to try it as well.”


- Brian


Blonyx experience:


My numbers:


Start date: 3/9/12
Start weight: 207.2
Body Fat %: 17.5%
Fat Free Mass: 170.9


End date: 4/7/12
End weight: 203.9
Body Fat %: 15.7%
Fat Free Mass: 171.9


*used Accu-Measure calipers recommended in Body for Life


Front Squat:


2/20/12: 164 lbs. x 1
4/18/12: 198 lbs. x 1


- Matt



A big thanks to all those at ******** Omaha for participating in the experiment!! What do you think? Will you put Blonyx to the test? Start your 30-Day experiment now, you won't be disappointed.


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