Sponsorship Update: Troy Straith

Blonyx is proud to announce the sponsorship of Troy Straith. Troy devastated the Men’s Masters this year by finishing 7th in the world! Troy is the owner, and coach, at ******** BC in Vancouver. Troy shows day in and day out that creating intelligent programming can go a long way; he shows this as a coach at his box and by his elite level of fitness.


Blonyx is glad to have such a great athlete as a part of the team. Troy does a combination of mixed martial arts and ********, and the combination seems to be a masterpiece. Recently, when Troy was asked about his training in an interview with the ******** Games he talked about the importance of good programming and also had comments on nutrition and work; Nutrition–that’s essential to get to the higher level. Plus we work our tails off. There’s no way around that."


Here is what Troy has to say about Blonyx HMB+ Creatine:


“Last year I was a competitor at the games and happy just being there. This year, thanks to changes in my nutrition and Blonyx HMB+ Creatine, I have come through the open as a much stronger contender and feel I have a real chance this year.”


Be sure to check out Troy at ******** BC!!


Blonyx will keep you updated on all of Troy’s progress as time moves forward.


Good luck at your future competitions Troy!

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