Arnie uses CrossFit and Blonyx to get back into shape... and into film!

Blonyx Biosciences is excited to announce the latest advocate of its HMB Sport product: Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Arnie, 64, who is working to get in shape for his new film, Barbarian: The Legend of Conan, has turned to the product to help with his new ******** training regimen set to bring him back to his former physical glory.




"I am going to need all the help I can get on this one" said Arnie, who is due on set in August. "But with the help of Blonyx's awesome products and a few AMRAPs i'm sure 'i'll be back' soon."


Arnie paid the Blonyx offices a visit last week to pick up his stash before starting his training. Rowan Minnion, CEO of Blonyx said: "He has such a huge presence and personality, its difficult not to be star-struck in his company. Afterwards I wanted to say goodbye, but all that came out was: 'Hasta La Vista.... baby'. He didn't seem too impressed"




We wish Mr Schwarzenegger all the best with his training and his return to the big screen



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