WOD with Blair Morrison in Europe this summer

Blonyx ******** Games athlete Blair Morrison has built up a serious reputation for adding creativity and flair to the ******** WOD. Want to meet him?... How about travel around Europe with him and train with him?!? Read on...

Owner of year old ******** Anywhere in Sacramento, CA,  Blair also runs AnywhereFit, taking groups of ********ters on a fantastic WOD adventures to some of the most prestigious "box" locations across the globe. Millennium Dome in London? Millennium Stadium in Cardiff? His journeys open doors to places few have access to, aligning with his belief that you should go and play outside of the gym as much as you can.


This summer, Blair is taking a group back to Central Europe visiting some of the most beautiful and fun cities in the world: Vienna (best food ever), Munich (best beer ever) and Prague (best looking women ever). THERE ARE STILL PLACES AVAILABLE!


This is well worth the value. Check out the flyer below and contact Blair for more information. Below are also videos from his last two trips.





Iceland 2011


Wales (UK trip) 2011




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