Target What You Suck At


So if you are like most ******** athletes I know you have a certain amount of “God I hope that doesn’t come out of the hoppers”.. Also known as What you suck at.


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1047" caption="RM @Blonyx: the overhead squat is my current "suck" movement. I am not alone"][/caption]

I’ll go first:


Me:“Hi, I’m PJ and I suck at lifting heavy things over my head…”

Group: “Hi PJ”


Phew, that does feel better.. Okay, we go..


I had the awesome opportunity to attend the ******** Coaches Prep Course last weekend where we talked about many things, coaching, programming, and class structure to name a few. We also did a couple of workouts. Well I was in luck because the WOD on Sunday.. Heavy Clean and Jerks.


Let’s just say it was obvious that I program for myself and Heavy Jerks don’t show up very often. This was pointed out almost immediately by the honed eye of the seminar staff. I was specifically asked “You don’t practice Push Jerks very often do you?” This was more of a statement, since it was obvious that I didn’t. I could clean the hell out of that bar but getting it from the rack to locked out over head just wasn’t happening after a certain point. So what does this mean? It means I need to target my weakness.  Read more...



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Rowan Minnion

Rowan Minnion

I read this then went straight to the gym and pounded out 5 sets of OHS and 5×10 thrusters (95) every min on the min. It killed me but my OHS squat technique has improved… and I still hate thrusters.

…sense of achievement is awesome though :)

Patrick Newton

Patrick Newton

Sweet, this is still my biggest problem, I spend so much time “experimenting” that I don’t work on the stuff I suck at…

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