We Found The Fittest Man in 2009, Are We Still Looking?

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******** and the ******** Games are making an appearance like never before. We have Reebok throwing down some mad cash and a jump from 26,000+ competitors in  the 2011 ******** Games Open (first year for online competition) to 60,000+ this year, 2012. That is just insane. But before we move forward and ******** takes over the world, I would like to take a look back.


Let’s Look Back...

A look back to what I consider the first ******** Games. Yes, there were ******** Games in 2007 and 2008, no offense to those competitors, but it was not the ******** Games. It was a ******** competition. 2009 was the first year they kicked things up a notch, and in my opinion there hasn’t been a games as challenging or as down to the ******** roots as the 2009 ******** Games. This is a time when you could go to ********.com and click on “store” and it didn’t take you to Reebok’s website. No, this was a time before shoes, special gloves, and title sponsorship. This was The 2009 ******** Games.  Keep reading



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Is CrossFit Injury-Ridden? | Blonyx Blog

March 21, 2012

[…] the CrossFit Games. The first CrossFit Games was in 2007, and I as I have mentioned before in, “We Found The Fittest Man in 2009, Are We Still Looking?“, I don’t think the CrossFit Games level of intensity, as we see it today, started till 2009. […]

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