Sponsorship Update: Blair Morrison

We are excited to announce the sponsorship of Blair Morrison, ******** Games competitor, owner of Sacramento based ******** Anywhere and big personality in the ******** Community. Blair came a mind-blowing 5th at the 2011 ******** Games.



At Blonyx we look to associate with competitors who bring real personality to the ******** Community. Blair is an athlete who likes to spread the word by taking his WODS “anywhere”. He was most recently seen in London, UK tearing up the largest box of them all: The Millennium Dome, and boasts training, coaching and competing across North America and Europe.


This is what Blair had to say about our HMB+ Creatine™ product:


“Blonyx HMB+ Creatine is a real product. There is no hype, no fanfare… just a realistic, noticeable improvement in my body’s recovery rate and strength. In combination with hard training, good nutrition and my personal self-belief, Blonyx helps me get to where I want to be.” 


Check out Blair’s blog here... and why not visit Blair’s gym, ******** Anywhere which has just celebrated its first year in business and now stocks Blonyx products.


We will keep you updated with Blair’s training progress up to the 2012 ******** games.


Good luck bud!



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