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Vancouver, BC, 1st December 2011.  Blonyx Biosciences, a leading developer and manufacturer of HMB based, additive free sports supplements for ********, olympic lifting and endurance athletes today announced that its products are now available from the boutique sports performance supplement web site web site


"As a company we are very selective about the companies and distribution channels we use to sell our products." Said Rowan Minnion, CEO at Blonyx Biosciences. "The established scientific team at shares our beliefs that supplements should have significant published research backing to show they work and are safe before they are provided to athletes. We are proud to be working with a company with such a good reputation."


The agreement with Functional Supplements sees both Blonyx products available via the company's web site.





About Blonyx Biosciences Inc.


Blonyx develops, manufactures and sells sports supplements that are safe and have been shown to enhance athletic performance in a number of high quality, published human research studies carried out at universities. It takes these supplements and works to manufacture them without any additives or preservatives to ensure athletes are getting products that will not pollute the body.


Blonyx supplements are for ********ters, Olympic and endurance athletes who have a tendency to follow scientifically developed nutritional guidelines to optimize their bodies for athletic performance.






Functional Supplements is a nutraceutical boutique specifically focusing on formulations that support peak performance and human potential in the areas of athletic and cognitive achievement.  Its staff have over 40 years of experience in clinical nutrition and biochemistry and range from academic professionals to accredited athletic performance trainers.


Each product sold by Functional Supplement is meticulously selected utilizing the latest evidence-based scientific research and manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards and government guidelines.


Its mission is to invent and provide products that are scientifically proven to make people perform better and enhance their own natural ability to accomplish athletic goals.





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