CrossFit gym setup: Thinking inside the box

Setting up a ******** gym is easy right? Mat out the floor, get a bunch of Olympic bars, plates, kettle bells, pull up bars, boxes and a white board your good to go right? Not so fast… the focus on timing, individualized coaching requirements and  athlete safety in ******** combined with the need to be able to facilitate just about every standard and perhaps even creative WOD means that box set up and layout is vital to its running efficiency and general appeal.


To best achieve this with limited space, finance or availability of equipment innovation is perhaps the best solution. Yesterday coach Sev from ******** Code RED, in Hillsborough, OR sent us a picture of their awesome new in-box superstructure. It consists of a 26 ft, $10,000 superstructure built from scratch. It comes complete with wall ball targets , individual squat racks, pull up bars, monkey bars... everything Sev and his team need to be able to give their athlete's the best possible ******** experience.


[caption id="attachment_244" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="******** Code RED's $10k bespoke superstructure is completely unique and provides its athletes with elite level training facilities"][/caption]




******** HQ provides this awesome guide to setting up the usual garage/warehouse style ******** facility... check it out... then innovate the become the best!



Interested in checking out ******** Code RED's new facilities. Contact Coach Sev using details at www.********

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