Manage your training recovery to achieve "supercompensation"

As you will no doubt know by now, the HMB found in our products is required by the body for muscle cell recovery from strenuous exercise. Quicker recovery obviously leads to an ability to train harder, but there may be another reason why taking HMB enhances athletic performance: the "supercompensation" theory of exercise recovery.

The aim of good recovery between training sessions is to allow your body to repair damaged muscle and recuperate lost energy stores to prepare for the next bout. Common sense right? But many of us sports scientists also believe there is a window of supercompensation that can immediately follow recovery if it is well managed. This supercompensation enables your muscles to train/perform better than before achieving one of those "good" training days.

This well researched article by our friends at Peak Performance sums up the importance of managing recovery in order to achieve supercompensation. Peak Performance in no way encourages or endorses the use of HMB or any other supplement whilst training.

We're wondering though, perhaps HMB usage, in speeding muscle cell repair in recovery, propels you in to a state of supercompensation quicker? I'm off to the lab to test it!! Check out the article!


Sports Science tip of the week: Why not try adjusting your recovery strategy to hit the supercomensatory sweet spot?



Rowan Minnion
Rowan Minnion


Rowan is a scientist/athlete turned entrepreneur. After playing soccer at universities in the UK and the US for far too long, he was given a masters degree in exercise physiology. He then worked as a research scientist, having some of his work on sports supplements and sleep medicine published as a result. Rowan, having far too short an attention span to remain a scientist, founded Blonyx Biosciences in 2011 to make good use of his understanding of the science behind supplements. Outside work, Rowan spends most of his time training at CrossFit 604 in Vancouver, BC, on his mountain bike or snowboard.

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