Top Vancouver personal trainer Craig Boyd reports after a month long trial of HMB+ Creatine

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Just over a month ago, Vancouver based Craig Boyd, co-founder and head of trainers at Precision athletics (  in Vancouver began testing Blonyx HMB+ Creatine. Today Craig sent us in the following report. Training for strength, Craig achieved significant gains in just about all measurements bar his vertical jump. Congratulations Craig!


Read his full report below:


From Craig's blog site (


For those of you following the blog, I did a month experiment with Creatine and HMB from Blonyx ( I took the Creatine + HMB product in the morning and at night on training days.  In the morning I took it in my smoothie with Protein egg, Blonyx Creatine + HMB powder , almond milk, banana and peanut butter. In the evening I took it with coconut water.  Anecdotally , I noticed an effect on recovery being less sore. I did not translate this into extra high intensity workouts as one could if they were so inclined. I stuck with my schedule of M W F heavy lifting and kettle bells and Tuesday and Thursday running and core work. During the one month trial I had 80% success rate in workouts as I missed a couple Fridays due to travel. In total I did 1o heavy lifting sessions (of 12 scheduled) and 6 runs (of 8 scheduled). My first testing session was in the afternoon but my second was in the morning. I think this accounted for the lack of improvement in vertical jump as I tend to be a bit stiffer in the morning and require a  longer warm up (time which I did not have in this case).


Here are the results:


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I definitely saw an improvement in strength and recovery ability. I am doing another month trial, this time adding the HMB+ Creatine in my post workout shake of egg protein, pumpkin protein and coconut water (which has electrolytes). I did this yesterday for the first time and felt great post workout, which was particularly heavy (DL 370 lbs x 2).


I will post my results again at the end of October.


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Craig Boyd is one of Vancouver’s top personal trainers, ******** coaches and boot camp instructors. He enjoys coaching people of all levels who want to see results. His websites are and









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