“Win One Year’s Supply of Blonyx” Contest Details

“Win One Year’s Supply of Blonyx” Contest Details

Enter Blonyx’s Christmas sweater competition and you could win a year’s supply of our HMB+Creatine and Beta Alanine. Or at the very least, a free Blonyx t-shirt!

All you have to do is post a high-quality image—featuring an ugly Christmas sweater and a tub of Blonyx to social media. Include the hashtag #BlonyxChristmasContest. Best, most creative shots (as determined by BlonyxHQ judges) win prizes!

From left: Rowan, Graeme and Vanessa at Blonyx

Step-by-Step Process in Detail:

1. Snap a picture with your favourite Christmas sweater. We know you all have one! Make sure to include your tub of Blonyx—or 50 tubs—in the shot.

2. Post your picture to a social media platform—Facebook Instagram, Twitter—between Monday, December 14th and Sunday, December 20th.

3. Include the hashtag #BlonyxChristmasContest.

4. Sit back and wait to see if you win a t-shirt, or the grand prize of one year’s supply of HMB+Creatine and Beta Alanine.

5. Each day, Blonyx HQ will vote on their favourite picture of the day, which we will share on our social media platforms each night. Daily winners win a free t-shirt.

6. Monday, December 21st, we will post all seven pictures on Facebook and Instagram, and you guys will do the voting.

7. The picture with the most likes at midnight on December 23rd will win our grand prize: One year’s supply of Blonyx’s HMB + Creatine and Beta Alanine.

Get to Know Blonyx HQ’s Notorious 9 Judges to Maximize Your Chances of Winning!

Judge #1: Rowan ‘Boss’ Minnion

Calm, patient and wise, Rowan is a true scientist. Science drove him to his love of creatine, and science—and intelligence—will also win Rowan’s vote.

Judge #2: Graeme ‘G’ MacDonald

G is a rebel with a cause, who appreciates a good curveball—like a Christmas Onezie, maybe? He also loves Christmas sweaters. Check out G’s wardrobe in his closet at home:

Judge #3: Vanessa ‘V’ DeGirolamo

Known for having an unpronounceable last name that always gets butchered, V is tired of small details being overlooked. She will feed grainy, blurry, unfocused pictures to her big-bad puppy DiDi.

Judge #4: Jeff ‘The Bearded Paps’ Papenberg

Beards, revealing attire...on men, will win Jeff's heart.

Judge #5: Ben Heslop

Consider this: Ben loves to accessorize.

Judge #6: Josh Miller

A surfer at heart, Josh is drawn to big waves. And snow. Outdoors is the name of the game for this California boy.

Judge #7: Sean Brown

An Irish weightlifter, booze and barbells might score you some points.

Judge #8: Tasia Percevecz

Think outside the box with your photo captions to impress this Harry Potter fan.

Judge #9: Melody Crow

A social media whore, posting your picture to multiple channels might just get Mel’s vote.

Good luck to all! Let the creatine Gods be with you.


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