Blonyx Welcomes Josh Miller to the Team!

Blonyx Welcomes Josh Miller to the Team!

There is an awesome buzz about the office today... it's because we get to welcome Josh Miller to the Blonyx Team. Born and raised in southern California, Josh is our new Head of Sales for that region and you will not find a more awesome individual to deal with. 

Josh spent most of his time as a young adult living the surfing life. Bartending paid the bills. Then he found CrossFit and moved to Nor Cal in 2011, where he opened CrossFit Visalia. He now splits his time between the north and the south, managing his business and coaching and training just south of San Diego.

Josh proves that having powerful facial hair is an integral part of being part of the Blonyx team... Now we just need to get the girls on board.


Josh loves to get outside, hit the surf, hang out with his four kids and train his butt off for his next competition.


Josh is known for showing up to international fitness competitions and cleaning up the masters division, then being super humble about it and pretending like he just got lucky. 

Welcome to the team, Josh!


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