Emily Abbott: Leading the Blonyx ambassador team

"F*** yeah!" - Emily's response when we proposed our sponsorship plans for the 2015/16 competition season. 

Article by Rowan Minnion, CEO, Blonyx 

I built Blonyx to be a company to challenge the status quo in the supplement industry – developing products by starting with the research rather than following the protein powder – fish oil – protein bar focus that seems to dominate events like the CrossFit Games.


The idea is not to differentiate with flashy marketing and hype, but instead use independent research to give top level athletes what they are really looking for: Clean, understandable supplements that are both safe to take and work to improve training performance.



In order to promote our novel approach, I believe we need to find the right people to represent our brand. For me this means athletes who are both performing at the elite level and are also not afraid to stand up for what they believe in – even if that means standing alone... or at least with us.


Emily Abbott is one such athlete.


 Abbott the Red


I first met Emily at the CrossFit Games Canada West regionals in 2014 and instantly liked this fiery, ambitious red head. She had no expectations of winning regionals that year, or so she said, but her un-phased psyche and natural talent easily took her there, amongst an emerging field of young talent such as Alex Parker. 


Emily has never looked back. She won an event (sled push) at the 2014 CrossFit Games, and more importantly bonded with the elite athletes around her leaving her certain that she was meant to be one of them.


At the same time, Emily is not afraid to voice her opinion or fight for what she believes in, or needs to do to be where she wants to be. Spending time and money travelling to events like the ECC or spending time at Reebok CrossFit One with the likes of Austin Mallealo, Tyson Takasaki, Brook Wells and Aaron Hanna has been a great way for her to gain confidence and understand what it takes to be at the top.


Emily is also a joy to work with. It has been easy to get to know her, and share my vision of how she fits in with our ambitions as a company... and how we fit in with her development as an elite competitor.


This year is going to be an exciting one for both Emily and Blonyx. You will see her at just about every major competition this year, including the Granite Games (this weekend… GO EMILY!), the Cascade Classic, Wodapalooza and the ECC to name a few... and with her travels the Blonyx brand and reputation.


We are proud to announce Emily as not only a sponsored athlete but also our first ever tier 1 ambassador, representing us and leading our team of ambassadors on the competitive circuit.



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