Blonyx Ambassador Announcement: Tasia Percevecz


I often tell people, if you have a strong competitive background in either weightlifting or gymnastics you have a strong advantage when it comes to starting CrossFit. Case in point is rising star and new Blonyx Ambasador Tasia Percevecz, who started her gymnastics at the age of 5, peaking as a University of New Hampshire Wildcat. “I was good, but never great at gymnastics,” a calm and confident Tasia tells me. “I worked hard at it from a young age, training double days at the age of 13 and pretty much dedicating my life to it. I love the competition, but never seemed to feel fulfilled.”

After four years of high-level competition, Tasia’s gymnastics career came to an abrupt end upon graduation.  As with all top level collegiate athletes, she was hit with ‘now what?’ Which led her to find CrossFit six months later.

“I was asked to compete in a competition called It takes 2 to tango at CrossFit Nashua, having never even stepped in a box.  Simply to avoid looking silly on the day I began a month of precompetition training.”

After taking second place in the competition’s scaled division, Tasia  had found her new focus. “I immediately joined CrossFit Everproven and quickly realized the value of my gymnastic background,” Recalls Tasia. “the gymnastics movements were a breeze, And my body awareness enabled me to pick up weight lifting technique very quickly.”

Just a few months in and Tasia was training with the competitive team; a few months after that she claimed 64th place in the CrossFit Games 2014 Open (NE), narrowly missing out on regionals. Coming so close lit a fire in Tasia. She sought a top level coach and settled on Brandon Peterson at CrossFit Free. “It meant an hour driving each way every day just to train,  but I knew that CFF was where I need to be.” Tasia tells me. She also went on to do her Level-1 and began part time coaching while also studying for Physician Assistance School.

Tasia’s training is a mixture of serious hard work and serious fun. “The  competitive atmosphere at CFF is hard to beat. We are always pushing each other to the limits while remaining both friendly and supportive. With Chase Smith [another Blonyx  ambassador] and I both going to regionals this year  it’s now a constant battle between the two of us, each WOD.”

Tasia has had a great year. She came 11th in the elite division of the Granite Games and 13th at the East Coast Championships (ECC) where she squared up with the likes of Sam Briggs and Michelle Letendre. “It’s a great set up for regionals. I have beaten many of the top women in our region in competition, and feel that a top five finish is a definite possibility.” With a 4th place finish in the 2015 Open, she's headed to the East Super Regional in May.

In terms of nutrition and supplementation, Tasia keeps it simple. She reports generally eating healthy, Including many fruits, vegetables and lean meats. She tries to Time her carbohydrate intake around training, and prefers this to the traditional zone or paleo diets. To supplement her diet is she takes a protein supplement as well as fish oil vitamins C and a few amino acids.

Tasia’s  experience with Blonyx HMB+Creatine began when she won a tub at a local competition. “Now I can’t go without it.” Tasia reports. “I simply feel great, and have been improving so quickly while taking it. My body handles increases in training volume so well, I rarely feel I need a rest day.”


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