Joe Scali: A Natural Talent


To say Joe Scali is a natural talent would be an understatement. He was introduced to CrossFit by Errol Clark, now owner of Rocky Point CrossFit, who suggested his first workout be Grace. Errol was then witness to this natural talent as Joe completed his 30 clean and jerks in an astounding 2:14.

This extraordinary feat was exactly one month before the 2012 CrossFit games open, and Joe decided to compete.

He came 20th in the open that year qualifying him for Canada West regionals... yep, just one month in to CrossFit.

Not long before this, Joe had turned his back on a 20+ year career in professional hockey, including a scholarship to play at Cornell, NY. Joe’s main asset in the arena was his fitness, something he enjoyed working hard on outside of hockey; a big contributor to Joe’s instant success in CrossFit

I was lucky enough to witness Joe’s performance at the 2012 regionals. In a year dominated by the clinical excellence of Lucas Parker, Joe was always there almost stumbling through workouts, at one time even being actively coached through handstand push-ups by other competitors. In spite of this, his natural talent carried him through to a 20th place finish.

Joe had found his new passion. He switched boxes to the newly opened CrossFit 604 to train with some of the best athletes in the region. After a year of solid training and technique work, and a fourth place open finish in the region, he helped the CrossFit 604 team to fourth place at regionals narrowly missing out on the games. He also gained the attention of the Outlaw Way’s Rudy Nelson who has been his coach ever since.

Fast forward a year and Joe Scali was becoming quite the celebrity in Canada West. The 2014 regionals saw a dogfight between Joe, Brent Fikowski, and games athlete Tyson Takasaki that saw Tyson leapfrogging Joe to the podium in the last workout.

The year following has seen success for Joe both in and out of the gym. He moved to head up CrossFit at the established Studio 55 fitness facility in downtown Vancouver, and more recently opened CrossFit Semiahmoo in White Rock, BC. With his fiancé Sharan.

The 2015 CrossFit games open has led to Joe gaining wider celebrity status through his “chirpy” relationship with two other upcoming competitors: Mitch Barnard and Brent Fikowski. See these guys on Pat Sherwood's leader board analysis here.

“It all started at the 2014 regionals.” Joe tells me. “I am used to a little chirping from my hockey days, so when the trash talk began between the three of us, it took me back to a familiar competitive environment.”

This year, the trash talk is gone public with all three athletes openly castigating each other almost daily on whichever social media platform they can get their hands-on.

This culminated in forfeits for the loser of each open WOD as Joe, Brent and Mitch Battle it out for the top spots in the region.

Check out Joe getting hit by eggs and water balloons after losing 15.3 to Brent and Mitch.

Joe has been taking Blonyx HMB+ Creatine since his time at CrossFit 604. his natural talent, popularity and jovial demeanor mean he is well-known and will continue being successful in the community both in Canada west and beyond. We’re honored to add Joe to our ambassador team I look forward to supporting him as he continues to grow both in the competitive and business side of CrossFit.


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