Blonyx Ambassador Announcement: Emma McQuaid

Welcome to our newest Blonyx Ambassador, Emma McQuaid!

Emma McQuaid first witnessed CrossFit in an American gym during off season training for quad racing. About four months after she got home, she found CrossFit 8020 and started her journey unable to do a single pull up, and with very little strength or skill base. Another four months after starting CrossFit, in September 2013, Emma ruptured her ACL and tore her MCL playing rugby, which put her out for a few months. With some hard work and recovery, she completed her first competition with her DWF team in May 2014. She started taking Blonyx HMB+Creatine and saw her strength numbers go through the roof quickly, increasing her clean and jerk from 90kg to 102.5, and front squatting 105kg for 3. Her favorite thing about Blonyx is that it doesn't give her stomach pains like other creatine has, and her favorite movements are hang cleans and pull-ups.


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