Blonyx Ambassador Announcement: Jayde Quilty

Jayde Quilty, a coach and Athlete from CrossFit Squamish, has been doing CrossFit for 3 years and in those three years has been a strong presence in the Canada West Region. In 2013, Jayde won the Deadlift/Box Jump workout at Regionals and placed 6th overall. In 2014 she was finished the Open in 60th place world-wide. Jayde considers herself an individual athlete for the most part, although team is something she would be interested in exploring, and she excels at workouts that involve deep squats and require athletes to "dig deep" and push through muscle fatigue. Jayde believes that one of the most important qualities for an athlete to have is patience, because without patience we will rush the process never reach our true potential as athletes.

IG: @jaydequilty
T: @jaydequilty


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