Blonyx Ambassador Announcement: Dani Horan

Blonyx welcomes Dani Horan, 18th fittest woman on earth, to our team of ambassadors!

Photo: Jordan Samuel Photography

Dani Horan, 18th fittest woman on earth according to her 2014 CrossFit Games Finish, is a breath of fresh air to talk to about training and competition. Among the strength cycles, off seasons, on seasons and other segments of a CrossFit athletes training year, Dani keeps it simple and straight forward. “Any day, you should be ready to compete” says Dani, when asked about her periodization. Dani trains to get better every day, and maintains that each week, month or year, she will better than the one before. An interesting training methodology that is not shared among many of her peers. Many CrossFit athletes spend all year preparing for the Games, using finely calculated cycles to peak just before or during the CrossFit Games.

Dani feels that on a given day, she could show up and throw down and perform to her full potential no matter the timing. It’s no surprise that she makes a point of competing often throughout the year, be it local challenges or large competitions with international draws; she is there and she is kicking ass. Dani is an amazingly consistent and hard working athlete with an unparalleled focus and amount of drive.

Dani has been using Blonyx since mid 2013 and attributes it to keeping her body durable, pain free and ready for whatever her training involves. Being wary of creatine in the past, she takes Blonyx HMB + Creatine twice per day and says she feels nothing but the benefits of the two ingredients. Dani is one of the most consistent CrossFit athletes in the sport, progressively improving her strength and getting fitter every day; we're happy to have her on the Blonyx team!


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