Blonyx Ambassador Announcement: Regan Huckaby

Blonyx would love to welcome one of our newest ambassadors, Regan Huckaby, from Hood River CF.

Regan Huckaby
Regan Huckaby is a mother, an entrepreneur and an athlete. Her story, if you’ve heard it before proves that the competitive spirit of an athlete can never truly be quelled. After tearing her ACL senior year in high school, Regan was forced to turn away the multiple soccer scholarships from colleges that she had received, and made the decision to take time off to rest and heal.
Over the years Regan went through college, started a family and became a happy mother, no longer living a life of competitive sport. After having her second child, Regan found CrossFit as a simple means to get fit and be healthy. She soon began to feel her competitive streak come back to the forefront and her natural athletic ability made her, well, a natural. When she qualified for the North West Regional in 2014 with a 6th place Open finish, she arrived with no expectations, and chose to even ignore the leaderboard throughout the weekend while doing her best. Again, the spirit of an athlete cannot be quelled; Regan took 2nd place to Emily Carothers and received an invite to the 2014 CrossFit Games where she finished in 30th place.
Regan has since decided to pursue her success in CrossFit by hiring coach CJ Martin for CrossFit Invictus, gearing her life towards competition training and focusing her goals to make a run at fittest woman on earth. As someone who casually worked her way to the games with no aim or expectations in 2014, look forward to what will come from the focused and determined beast of an athlete that Regan has since become.


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