Blonyx Ambassador Announcement: Ben Stoneberg

Blonyx welcomes one of our newest ambassadors, Ben Stoneberg, from CrossFit Intensify in Oregon.
Ben Stoneberg CrossFit Games 2014

Ben, a four time CrossFit Games athlete, hails from Eugene, Oregon and has been an athlete for most of his life. From High School football, basketball and wrestling, Ben has always lived by one credence: to work hard and have fun. In a sport made up of many competitive collegiate and pro athletes, Ben has proven himself to be just as durable and able in his ability to progress and return to the highest level of fitness competition year after year. With many athletes following structured and tailored programming from top coaches, Ben chooses to follow his own methods, listen to his own body and construct a training regime based off of what he believes is important and effective. This unconventional, less uniform programming has lead Ben to be one of the most at ease, composed, and adaptable athletes in the sport. The most amazing thing about Ben is his understanding of his own limits, and what he cannot control. Ben goes out there to have fun, and prioritizes the experience over the stress or the competition. As a Blonyx Ambassador, Ben emulates exactly what we strive to achieve as a company; to work hard, focus on results and enjoy the process day in and day out. 

Welcome to the team, Ben!


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