Meet Blonyx athlete Mikaela Norman: Sitting 13th in Europe!

Mikaela Norman Vital Statistics

Age: 22

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 156 lb.

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Affiliate: CrossFit Nordic

Biggest Strength: Her Engine

Movements she loves: Rowing, Wall Balls, Rope Climbs

Weaknesses: Max strength and Gymnastics skills

Movement she doesn't love: Muscle-ups

Sports background: Basketball and long-distance running

2016 Goals: To better her 12th place finish from the 2015 Meridian regional 

Profession: Personal trainer and CrossFit coach and programmer/Student working towards to physiotherapist’s license

Norman's personality in three words: Positive, stubborn, kind

No wonder she loves rowing. At the recent Athlete Games, Norman won the 5 km row event in a smoking fast time of 18:41—with apparent ease.

 Blonyx European sales rep Ben Heslop explained what he loves about Norman:

"I really respect her WOD mentality. She breaks down a workout and can show amazing focus and restraint. When others are doing their thing, she sticks to her plan and works her strengths and weaknesses with great maturity." - Heslop

Norman on discovering CrossFit in 2013:

I met a guy at an education course who (told me about) CrossFit, but I really thought it sounded silly. (But) when I got injured and couldn’t run anymore, I just had to find a sport to compete in…I googled CrossFit and decided that it was the sport I wanted to compete in—without even having tried it. I hadn’t done any type of weight training before, so I had a long way to go. But I wrote my own training program and used youtube a lot. That was in 2014. By May, 2014, I was competing at Regionals for the time time.

Norman’s Thoughts about the Open: 

I really liked the first (workout). I was very pleased that it was 20-minutes (long). That’s my favourite zone. 16.2 and 16.3 were more difficult with the heavy weights and muscle-ups—two of my weaknesses.

I love and hate the Open at the same time. There is such a great atmosphere in the box during those five weeks. I also find it very stressful,though. It feels like you can barely think of anything else besides the Open and the workouts. It feels like I’m constantly preparing. But on the other hand, I love competing, so five weeks of competition is so much fun.

Norman on Leaderboarding:

I would say no, (I’m not a big leaderboarder). I look at it, but I still won’t know (the results) until Monday at midnight in Europe. And most athletes, including myself, submit our score as late as possible. 

Norman on what she prefers: The Open or Regionals?

Regionals weekend. Absolutely. No doubt!

With just one week left in the Open, it's looking like Norman will soon be focusing on preparing for the 2016 Meridian Regional, where she hopes to climb her way as high up the leaderboard as possible.







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