Emily Abbott talks about life as a professional athlete, about being part of the Blonyx team, and about teammate Tyson Takasaki's insatiable appetite

Since Emily Abbott became the 8th Fittest Woman on Earth at last summer’s CrossFit Games, life has been a fast-paced, live-out-of-a-suitcase whirlwind for the Blonyx athlete. 

After the Games in July, Abbott traveled to St. Louis and then to Minneapolis to compete at the Granite Games last summer. In the fall, she competed in Seattle at the Cascade Classic, where the Blonyx team placed 3rd. Then after a quick surfing trip in Tofino, she found herself in Mexico for yet another competition and then in Montreal to train with Team Canada before they headed to Spain to compete with the top CrossFit athletes in the world at the CrossFit Invitational.

..Deep breath...

Then it was off to the Canary Islands, to Puerto Vallarta, and to Arizona before making her way back home to Calgary at the start of January. She was home training for just two weeks before packing her bags again, this time for Toronto to talk at the Reebok sponsored "Express Your Strong" event.

Abbott's stand up routine... not as good as her clean and jerk.

From there, Abbott headed straight to Miami for Wodapalooza last weekend. And now, finally, Abbott’s in Boston to compete with the Blonyx team at the East Coast Championships (ECC) this weekend—her last trip for a while, she promises...

“It has been crazy,” she said about life as a professional athlete. Crazy, but exciting, and she is making the most of the opportunities she is being given and isn’t taking any of it for granted.

“It’s the most fun ever. I am absolutely so happy to get to experience the things I have. And you know, there’s not a lot of longevity in this, so I’m going to shake this stick hard while I have it in front of me,” she said. 

Since last summer's CrossFit Games, Emily Abbott has embraced the exhausting, but exciting life as a professional athlete.

Emily Beers got the chance to catch up with Abbott in Boston two days before she competes at the prestigious ECC:

Emily Beers (EB): What is it like to be part of the Blonyx team? It seems they’re really taking care of you over there. (Abbott stayed in the Blonyx house last weekend with various Blonyx athlete and staff members, including Sales Director Graeme Macdonald and Blonyx Educator and Irish weightlifter Sean Brown).

Emily Abbott (EA): I love relationships and I love building relationships with people, and it has been so great being able to put a face to the product. I really feel like we’re creating a family. It’s not just about a product and some athletes using their product. There’s actually respect and trust between us, and we really want to help each other and grow with each other. So having a Canadian company like Blonyx supporting me makes me feel like I have a family behind me. It has been such a great learning experience working with them. I have learned so much from Rowan (Minnion - CEO). And like Sean (Brown) in Miami, who worked with us on our snatch. And Graeme. I’ve had long talks with him about a variety of subjects. It’s definitely not boring being part of this crew. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had. 

One big happy family at the Cascade Classic - The Blonyx team of Joe Scali, Tyson Takasaki, Alex Parker and of course Emily, having fun and taking a podium spot against a stacked field. 

EB: How does this help you as an athlete?

EA: When you’re an athlete, sometimes you’re a little isolated, but I have this little crew and it feels so good. Graeme and Tyson—we know what’s going on with each other. It’s fun to have a family unit with you at competitions. 

You learn a lot about people when you live with them... such as how many tons of food Tyson eats a day (Blonyx house in Miami).

EB: You have spent a lot of time with Tyson living with him these last two weeks. What have you learned about him?

EA: Tyson eats a crazy amount. He hits all the macros hard, and he loves vegetables. Even Paul Tremblay and ADL (Albert-Dominic Larouche) said they have never seen a man consume so much food. He completely cleans off his place. It’s so impressive. It just means his metabolism is on fire. Oh, and I don’t know if he’d want me to share this, but he’s a finger typer. An index finger typer.

EB: Like he types with one finger only?

EA: Yeah, his index fingers.

Tyson... all hands when he eats, finger when he types

EB: Are you more relaxed this weekend than last considering it’s just a one-day team competition?

EA: One hundred percent. My body is feeling not totally recovered yet. And I got food poisoning on Monday. We went to a taco stand, and everyone else was fine, but I ordered the Korean short rib taco and I was so sick.

EB: What are your expectations this weekend? Have you guys been talking about workouts yet at all?

EA: You know, I haven’t even really looked at the workouts yet, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s just going to be a really fun day. The competition is going to be fierce. 

EB: Do you know much about your teammates? (Mel Doss, Daniel Tyminski and Cody Mooney)

EA: I stayed with Mel Doss last weekend in Miami. She is super positive and a total bad ass. Just a great person to have on a team. I got to know her a bit at Wodapalooza, but I’m excited to have some more girl time with her tomorrow and Sunday. And I don’t know a lot about the other two. But I think we’ll just come together and gel as a team.

EB: Is this going to be your last competition before the Open? Are you done traveling?

EA: Yeah. Sometimes when you travel, some of the important stuff get pushed to the back of the mind…like recovery stuff and sleep and working on stretching more. You know, those little details that will pay off. I’m looking forward to going home and focusing on really good training and recovery and doing everything to keep my body in the best shape possible. That’s the goal for the next couple months. 

Before she gets to focus on the Open and Regionals and the CrossFit Games, Abbott has one more competition: This weekend in Boston, where we hope she finds herself on the podium with the Blonyx team!






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