Saturday at Wodapalooza: Tyson talks mental game, epic come-backs and sore bodies

Saturday at Wodapalooza: Tyson talks mental game, epic come-backs and sore bodies

Blonyx athletes continue to impress at Wodapalooza in Miami.

Heading into the final day of competition, Tasia Percevecz sits in 4th place against one of the toughest women's fields in CrossFit today. Meanwhile, Emily Abbott is in 7th and Carleen Matthews, who placed 5th on the final event today, sit in 14th. On the men's side, Blonyx athlete Chase Smith enters the final day of competition in 22nd, while Richard Bohlken is in 39th. 

Tyson Takasaki, who has spent his weekend supporting the Blonyx team, bunking with them in the Blonyx house, and coaching Emily Abbott, gave us some insights on the team's Day 2.

A knee injury means Tyson is sidelined for this year's Wodapalooza. Could be to do with the fact he never does up his shoe laces when he squats?... you decide.

The day started with an event consisting of 185-lb. deadlifts, swimming and strict handstand push-ups, an event Takasaki said Abbott was expecting to be tough for her.

“This one beforehand we were nervous about. She’s a bigger athlete, and coupled with a swim,” Takasaki said about Abbott’s chances going in. “We talked strategy a lot and basically it would all come down to feel.”

She felt it out well, stayed calm and came through. Big time.

“In my opinion the main reason she did so well in this workout was between the ears,” he said of Abbott's 7th place finish in the event. “Having the sense to slow down and not go to failure (on the handstand push-ups) is what this workout was all about. On paper, this one was not made for her, but being a vet, and also being patient, really paid off.” - Abbott ended up taking 5th.

Takasaki Post-Competition Interview: Saturday in Miami

Emily Beers (EB): How was the final event? (the event consisted of a set of 1, 2 and 3 snatches for max. load combined with a workout for time, so the trick was to lift heavy, but not too heavy that you sacrificed your time on the conditioning portion of the workout)

Tyson Takasaki (TT): The event was good. She (Abbott) missed her first few snatch attempts at 180 lb. and had to go down to 175 lb. That put her back about two minutes from the pack and (she) had some catching up to do. She was aggressive on the row and dubs (double unders). Stuck to 165 lb. for the final two snatch bars, and that was a good move. She did very well on the muscle-ups and caught up to a lot of girls. She looked more composed on the rings than most.

Abbott used her game face to claw her way back into it on the rings. 

EB: How about Tasia and Carleen? They're both doing very well, too?

TT: They are. Tasia is top five I think. She hit some strong numbers on the snatch. Carleen went moderate on the snatch but was quick through the muscle-ups. Everyone's good but tired though.

It's "no sweat" for Tasia sitting in 4th going into the final day. There are only three spots on the podium however and Tasia will be fighting nail and tooth to take one of those... you just watch!

EB: What's the plan now to get ready for tomorrow?

TT: (In the van driving back to the Blonyx house): We're still half an hour away from home and we won't be eating until 11 p.m. Everyone's plan is just...We all just want to get home. No one has eaten, so you can imagine. Everyone is in good spirits, though. Calls for stormy weather tomorrow so the girls are concerned about the legless rope climbs.

EB: How are their bodies' holding up?

 TT: Emily was complaining of knee issues in the snatch warm-up. Carleen says her quads are sore. Day two of any event will start to weigh on you. They both said they're having a ton of fun, though.

Carleen's quads are sore but her tattoos are looking FRESH!

In fact the entire event, despite the weather on day one and the mental and physical exhaustion that inevitably go hand-in-hand with a three-day competition, has been a ton of fun, Takasaki said.

"The environment is unreal. The vibe of a nightclub on the (competition) floor. Never really seen an event like this."

The final day of Wodapalooza is tomorrow! Who will finish on top?


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